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Our Story

Our CEO Ms. Laura Davies has worked in tourism since 2002, where she got her lucky break to work for one of the most Prestigious Tour Operators in the UK (and most of the world).

Working her way up from Travel Consultant to management positions in the course of her 10 years with the company.

In 2012 she was offered the opportunity to move to Maldives for an exciting new venture, where she remained for more than 8 years working in Senior posts within tourism. Now settled in Sri Lanka and heading up “Luxotic Vacations” which has been a lifelong dream come true.

Our wish is to create memories for our clients, to ensure that they feel happy and excited from the moment they contact us, a holiday is not a physical possession, it is the opportunity to leave your stress behind, even if for a short time and create new memories, whether that be alone or with family/friends.

Exploring the world is so important, meeting new people, opening our eyes to new adventures, new cultures, food, sights and sounds.

Building bonds and spending quality time with your family, friends, loved ones, is an essential holiday excuse!

We look forward to making more dreams come true…

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