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The Maldives is an island nation spanning across the Equator and located in the Indian Ocean, With over 1190 islands, the destination is nothing short of unique! 

The islands are grouped into a double chain of 26 Atolls and you can find over 120 beautiful resorts to choose from. 

The beauty of Maldives is not only the powder white beaches but also beneath the water where you will find an active marine life such as reef fish, reef sharks, Manta rays, Whale sharks and more.


Maldives is home to just over half a million people. Their national language is Dhivehi, however the majority of the nation speak English and they have an impressive 97% literacy rate. The traditional cuisine is heavily based on fish and coconut. The national dish being Garudhya, which is a clear fish broth usually served over rice or with traditional roti. Their music and dance culture has a heavy influence from East Africa, Arabia and the Indian subcontinent, you will often find the traditional dance shows at the resorts which is locally known as “Bodu Beru” which translates as “big drums”. People are very friendly and welcoming to tourists, as tourism is the core income in the country.

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The Maldives has a year round hot and tropical climate, There are 2 distinct seasons, Dry Season (Nov – Apr), punctuated with northeast winter monsoons and a wet season (May – Oct) associated with south west monsoons and strong winds. However with the effects of climate change the weather is more and more unpredictable and even in Monsoon seasons you can generally find fantastic weather.

Important facts​

  • Of the 1,190 islands, only approx. 200 of them are inhabited
  • Maldives is the flattest country in the world
  • Maldives has only been open for tourism since 1972
  • You can swim with the biggest fish in the seas, the whale shark
  • Maldives is 100% Islamic nation
  • The local currency is Maldivian Ruffiyah, however US$ is widely accepted
  • Visa free up to 30 days, for all nationals traveling for tourism with a confirmed hotel reservation.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon is an island Country in South East Asia. 

Few places in the world can offer such remarkable landscapes, beaches, cultural heritage and unique experiences. 

Sri Lanka is home to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, 1,330 km of coastline, 15 National parks, almost 500,000 acres of tea estates, 250 acres of Botanical gardens and 350 water falls, to a culture that extends back to over 2,500 years. 

With so much diversity in culture, landscape and even the weather, you are sure to enjoy holiday in the island nation of Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka is one of the few Countries with a vast and rich cultural diversity. Being that the Country is 70% Buddhist, the cultures are largely influenced by the traditional festivals, customs and rituals. The Sri Lankan way of life is is very simple and filled with humility and happiness. They are very passionate about music, sports (such as cricket and Volleyball), health and well being. Ayurvedic treatments are one of the popular reasons for visitors in Sri Lanka. The national language is Sinhala, however English is widely spoken, most especially in the Urban areas and those working in tourism.

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Sri Lanka’s climate is Tropical and consists of distinct wet and dry seasons. Generally speaking the Coastal areas enjoy hot and humid temperatures averaging 28 Degrees year round, while the upland areas are much cooler, with a yearly average of between 16-20 Degrees Celcius.

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